Great Minds

The Great Minds Series

Performances that bring history back to life.

By popular request, the Schenectady Theater for Children is again offering the Great Minds program.  This project is a theatrical presentation by area actors, each portraying an individual from the past who made a major impact on the present.  In selecting the characters to be portrayed, consideration has been taken that the term “great mind” should not be exclusive to the field of science, but also to the social sciences, and the arts as well.   A truly great mind is not only marked by genius, but also by creativity, patience, and tolerance. 

Eventually, famous people become a few lines in a history book.  Only the lists of their accomplishments remain, and these individuals begin to seem as though they were super human their whole lives.  We intend to show what made each person so “driven” as well as to present their humanness and the common threads in all of their lives.

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