The Schenectady Theater for Children, Inc. (STC) is a 501(c)(3)
non profit organization of adult & children volunteers dedicated to bringing live theater to local children.

The cast and supporting technical crew include volunteers
from all over the Capital Region, who are committed to our
mission to inspire youth to get involved in the arts.

STC was founded in 1967, two years before Sesame Street, and was incorporated in 1976. STC has brought live theater to the children of the Capital District Elementary Schools for over 50 years. After 2017, STC performed and held workshops at its studio in the Viaport Mall in Rotterdam, NY

Past STC Touring Productions

2017 Seasons
2016 Bremen Town Musicians
2015 It’s Raining Tamales
2014 Reluctant Dragon
2013 Pinocchio
2012 Androcles and the Lion
2011 It’s Raining Tamales
2010 Mermaid of Edam
2009 Pinocchio Commedia
2008 Emperor and the Nightingale
2007 King Midas
2006 Alice in Wonderland
2005 Reluctant Dragon
2004 Pinocchio
2003 Bremen Town Musicians
2002 Family Romani
2001 The Reluctant Dragon
2000 New Clothes for the Empress
1999 Talented Creatures
1998 King of Ice Cream Mountain
1997 Tailmates
1996 Baker’s Dozen
1995 Red Lamp
1994 The Family Romani
1993 New Clothes for the Empress
1992 Magic Devil Lion
1991 Creature of Pond Bottom
1990 King of Ice Cream Mountain
1989 Dragon of Nitt
1988 The Bremen Town Musicians
1987 New Clothes for the Empress
1986 Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
1985 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
1984 Truly Remarkable Puss in Boots
1983 Red Shoes
1982 Winnie the Pooh
1981 Royal Cricket of Japan
1980 Maggie’s Magic Teapot
1979 Running Away
1978 Wizard’s Mistake
1977 The Cat Princess
1976 Alice in Wonderland
1975 Land of the Dragon
1974 Pinocchio
1973 Winnie the Pooh
1972 Winnie the Pooh
1971 Snow Queen and the Goblin
1970 Maggie’s Magic Teapot
1969 Witches Lullaby
1968 Alice in Wonderland